Why It Works

Why It Works

Materials Designed for Success

Each and every George teaching material uses a sound methodology backed by research.

Learning a new language is a challenge for anyone. Learning IN a new language takes some courage, and a well-prepared teacher. Using materials created by an educator with research based initiatives, children will be able to increase fluency, comprehension, and oral language development to facilitate language acquisition in a way that promotes a non-threatening learning environment. Oversized words, real-world photography, and fluency-building techniques compel the student into a desire for learning. Top that off with detailed, stepwise teaching methodology included with all materials, and you have success!

Why It Works

Non-fiction Materials

Teach your classroom objectives without skipping a beat.

Big Books, by George! has created an extensive Big Book inventory focusing primarily on Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts learning objectives. This creates seamless language acquisition for Bilingual, Dual Language, and ESL classrooms, while still implementing learning objectives necessary for each grade level. All books are correlated to TEKS, as well as Texas Pre-school guidelines.  Though language adaptations can present challenges, Big Books, by George! has utilized 5 linguists from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, and Peru to create optimal translations for all students. It has been recognized and enjoyed for 20 years.

brother and sister

Using George as a friendly facilitator of a new language, your students will learn quickly!

George is every student’s ally in learning. 42% of ALL words found in the Big Books are from Frye’s Top 50 High Frequency List. They make up approximately 40% of all words English Language Learners need for fluency. George is a friendly character that catapults the student into deeper thought, casual conversation among peers, and legitimate application of language acquisition. Countless lessons hide in every page! Embedded questions promote comprehensible input, spontaneous speech during shared reading, and develops a complex framework for vocabulary use outside of reading.

Suitable for Title 1 classrooms and title 3 Migrant funds

Flexible Materials that Fit the Needs of Your Unique Students

Our products are here to meet the needs of your students. That’s why high quality is our focus. Being a small company allows us to adjust our materials to fit the unique niches of children you see everyday. That’s why we were able to translate a portion of our books into Vietnamese, and would love to partner with your school to provide what can be difficult to find! 

A simple, but brilliant tool for big books

Wo-Wo's: a Big Book's Best Friend!

Keep students focused and engaged on subject material in the dual language classroom, while prompting discussion, critical thinking, and comprehension in a new language with WO-WO’s. WO-WO’s, or “wipe-on, wipe-off” sheets were developed for Big Books by an educator herself! One clear sheet is placed over the left hand side of the page, where there is a real world photograph, while a large white, wipeable page is placed over the right hand side. This helps students and teachers to focus on the questions and picture, and to spur spontaneous speech in a new language to develop thoughts…all while teaching your classroom objective.


Or! Switch it up and place a clear Wo-Wo over the words and focus on high frequency words, index words, and more!