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We promote a
non-threatening learning environment

Our books promote language acquisition, fluency, and comprehensible input using oversized text, real word photographs, and our friendly mascot, George, who guides children to learn non-fiction materials in a new language.

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educational growth
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What we do

Our products take language acquisition to the next level

Researched from the ground floor

Each and every George teaching material uses a sound methodology backed by research

Researched from the ground floor

Our products were created by professionals using a sound methodology to promote oral language development in an organic way in the classroom
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Non-fiction materials

Teach your classroom objectives without skipping a beat. Big Book inventory focusing primarily on Science

Non-fiction materials

All of our books are non-fiction and are correlated to TEKS/Early Childhood course objectives.
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Strategic oral language development

Using George as a friendly facilitator of a new language, your students will learn quickly

English language learners

Shared reading has never been so productive! Our Big Books spur spontaneous speech in a new language.
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Parent and Family Engagement Series

Improve Parental Involvement at home or with Library Resources with the “Danny the Dog Goes Homes” briefcase. Students can take home materials in English and Spanish to read and encourage language acquisition.

Passion is what drives us

We hope you see the potential these products carry within them for educators and classrooms

We've had the pleasure of partnering with these school districts

We are a Texas-based publishing company

We are a proudly woman-owned small business. We hope you see the potential our products carry within them for educators and classrooms.

We have excellent resources for 2-way Dual Language Programs and Bilingual Educations.

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