Types of Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Child

If you’re a parent, one of the most important things you can do is read to your child. Reading helps children learn and develop language skills, and it also helps them become more intelligent. In this blog post, we will discuss different types of books that every parent should read to their child. These books are great for teaching young children about different topics, and they are also entertaining and engaging. So if you’re looking for new book recommendations, be sure to check out our list below!


1. Picture Books

Picture books are a great way to teach young children about different concepts and ideas. They often contain beautiful illustrations, which help to bring the stories to life for kids. Popular picture book authors include Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, and Mo Willems.

2. Participation Books

Participation books are designed to engage children by encouraging them to interact with the stories. They often have fun activities for kids such as quizzes and games. The Usborne series of books is a great example of this type of book, with interactive titles like “Look Inside Your Body” and “My First Dinosaur Book”.

3. Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are classic stories that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. From Cinderella to Rapunzel, these stories help children explore their imaginations while learning important lessons about the world around them.

4. Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are short, rhythmic stories that have been a staple of childhood for many centuries. They can help children learn important concepts such as counting, animals, and colors. Popular nursery rhymes include “Jack and Jill” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

5. Alphabet Books

Alphabet books are a great way to introduce children to the basics of reading. These books often contain colorful illustrations and fun stories that help kids learn the alphabet while developing their vocabulary.

6. Counting Books

Counting books are a great way to help children learn numbers and basic arithmetic. From counting objects to solving simple equations, these books can provide an engaging way for kids to explore mathematics.

7. Chapter Books

If your child is old enough to sit through longer stories, chapter books can be an ideal choice for reading aloud together as a family activity. Popular choices include The Chronicles of Narnia, The Boxcar Children, and the Harry Potter series.

8. Folktales

Folktales are stories that have been shared orally over centuries by different cultures around the world. Reading folktales to children can help them understand other people’s cultures and beliefs while also learning about their own culture in a fun way.

9. Poetry

Poems are great for teaching young children about language, rhyme, alliteration, and other literary devices. Poetry can also be a great way to help children explore their feelings and develop empathy. Popular choices for children include Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, and A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh books.

10. Non-Fiction

Non-fiction books are a great way to teach kids about different topics in an entertaining way. These books often contain colorful illustrations that make them more engaging for young readers while they learn facts about animals, historical events, science, geography, and more.

11. Classics

Reading classic literature is an excellent way to introduce kids to timeless stories with important lessons about life and morality. Some popular classics that parents should read to their children include The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Little Prince, and Alice in Wonderland.

12. Biographies

Reading inspiring biographies of great people can help children learn about the world and become inspired to make a difference. Popular choices include books about Martin Luther King Jr., Amelia Earhart, and Malala Yousafzai.

13. Mythology

Greek gods, Roman heroes, Norse legends – reading different myths from around the world is a great way to introduce children to the stories that have been passed down for centuries and inspire them with tales of courage and heroism.

14. Educational Books

For kids who are curious learners, educational books are an excellent choice for teaching them more complex topics such as math or science. Popular titles for kids include the Magic School Bus series and books about stars, planets, animals, and more.

15. Language Books

For children who are learning a second language, books can be an invaluable tool for teaching them vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar in a fun way. Popular titles for kids include big books in Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese.


Reading to your child is an important part of helping them grow and develop. Whether you’re looking for picture books or biographies, there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a book that your child will love. So be sure to pick one (or many!) from our list above!  Happy reading!