Social Studies - Deluxe Set (Spanish or English)


Social Studies Set
Social Studies Set

Spanish Social Studies Set  combined
Spanish Social Studies Set combined

graphic organizer
graphic organizer

Social Studies Set
Social Studies Set



The Social Studies Big Book Deluxe Set will be a welcome addition to any bilingual. ESL, dual language, or English Learner Classroom! Discover the courage of Amelia Earhart, the virtue of Abraham Lincoln, the ingenuity of Native Peoples, and the unique culture of countries all around the world!

These big books have been specifically designed to facilitate oral language development, fluency and early literacy, and increased comprehension. TEKS alignments are provided so you can focus on course objectives without skipping a beat.

The entire set includes:

  • 20 Social Studies Big Books (choose English or Spanish)  with WO-WO's

  • 20 student 6 Packs (small books)

  • USB Flash Drive containing:

    • Teacher Notes

    • 22 Graphic Organizers

    • Vocabulary Pull Outs

    • Writing Prompts

    • Teacher Index

    • Word for word audio of book text

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