Our non-fiction Science Big Book Deluxe Set includes 24 titles with an updated correlation chart to TEKS course objectives to kindergarten-2nd grades. The set comes in either English or Spanish and is sure to draw in students with real-world photographs and double-spaced text. A glossary and index is provided to strengthen vocabulary and acquisition at the end of each book. A question on each page stimulates oral language development.  Add on WO-WO's (wipe-on and wipe-off sheets) to add rigor to the lesson. 

Science - Deluxe Set (Spanish or English)

  • Set Includes: 

    • 24 Big Books with WO-WO's

    • 6 pack of student books for each title

    • USB Flash Drive containing

      • Teacher Notes

      • 22 Graphic Organizers

      • Vocabulary Pull Outs

      • Writing Prompts

      • Teacher Index

      • Word for word Audio of book text