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Why Buy Big Books by George?

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Big Books, by George! is an imprint of Triple C Management, LLC. Our central office is located in Hurst, Texas. Big Books, by George! offers the highest quality Big Books in the industry. These big 16" x 20" books feature amazing full color photographs that will delight and teach your children for many years to come.

George asks his students to make a prediction or inference about the book and then engage in additional comprehension and strategies such as visualization, problem solving, sequencing, comparing, contrasting and MORE!

George uses content specific glossary words color coded in orange. These words appear in orange both in the text and the glossary. George provides short clean definitions.
George asks compelling questions for ongoing informal assessment and oral language development.
All books feature our little friend George as well as fascinating full color photos to engage your children! We use response options such as talking, drawing, writing, charts and diagrams to show what you know!
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